Providence Changelog


Release date: 07.15.2020


  • Improved mobile menu UX / No scrolling when the mobile menu is active.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scroll bug (mobile): when scrolling down and then back up, the scroll position jumped unexpectedly -- we made sure that doesn't happen anymore;
  • Fixed loader bug: when scrolling the page, the loading spinner remained at the top -- now it covers the whole page at all times;
  • Fixed translation type: "Subtotal" was written incorrectly in the en.default.json locale file.


Release date: 06.30.2020


  • Made unit price optional in sections;
  • Improved Slideshow section UX.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Predictive Search results URL: in previous versions, the Predictive Search API didn't offer the correct URLs for different languages, so this was "hacked" in order to work properly -- now we removed the hack;
  • Changed routes.root_url with shop.url on the Gift card page.


Release date: 06.26.2020


  • Replaced include with render.


Release date: 04.06.2020


  • Added support for multi-language and multi-currency (cross border update);


Release date: 03.03.2020


  • Added support for unit pricing;
  • Added "Show vendor" and "Show price" options for Predictive search;
  • Made small design improvements to the account and order pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed product backorder notice and product quantity limit bugs caused by deprecation of inventory_quantity and inventory_policy variant JSON keys;
  • Fixed password page bug: the "Enter using password" link was not working correctly.


Release date: 02.05.2020


  • Added support for Shopify product media. Learn more about media types.
  • Added loading animation on page transitions.
  • Added support for YouTube and Vimeo videos on the home page Slideshow section.
  • Changed the product grid to display 2 products per row on mobile devices, instead of one (requested feature).
  • Added the option to display the Checkout button at the top of the Cart page, as well as at the bottom.
  • Improved Cart page usability, especially on mobile devices (requested feature).
  • Added the option to choose between different cart icons.
  • Increased logo size limit (requested feature).


Release date: 10.25.2019


  • Made level one menu items spacing smaller, so larger menus can fit better on smaller screens;
  • Added rounded corners to the 'View Cart' button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed product recommendations prices / add to cart bug: the product prices from the 'You may also like' section didn't always load correctly and didn't update at all when switching currencies; the 'Add to cart' button took the customers directly to the cart page, instead of showing the notification bar, even when the cart notification option was selected.


Release date: 10.22.2019


  • Added the option to display product images in the mega menu;
  • Added the option to enable/disable mega menu collection images.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed header centering bug: when the shop name was very long, the upper header items were not properly centered on mobile devices;
  • Fixed Shopify search results pagination bug: when navigating to another page, the search results didn't update correctly.


Release date: 10.17.2019


  • Rebuilt the header section from scratch;
  • Replaced the primary navigation dropdown menu with a mega menu;
  • Made slideshow height bigger on mobile devices;
  • Made slideshow font sizes larger on mobile devices;
  • Removed Google+ from social media sharing options.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed variant image sync bug: when using the option selector on the product page, the variant image didn't update accordingly after more than two changes;
  • Fixed scrolling bug in Chrome: on mobile devices using Chrome, after scrolling to the bottom of a page, the scroll bar position kept jumping down, not allowing the user to properly scroll back up.


Release date: 10.02.2019


  • Improved sort and filter appearance on collection pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed left sidebar bug in Chrome: when the sidebar was on the left side, it didn't show up at all in Chrome browser;
  • Fixed search results display bug: on mobile devices, the search results overlapped with one another;
  • Fixed Image with text section bug: when there was no image in the section, the section heading overlapped with the section content.


Release date: 09.05.2019


  • Added Thunderbolt theme preset and set it as default;
  • Made product thumbnails smaller;
  • Made product recommendations image size smaller on mobile devices, so two products can fit in a single row.


Release date: 08.22.2019


  • Added sticky cart option to product pages.
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